Oct 21, 2016
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The Best Halloween Games for Teenagers and Adults

Throwing a Halloween party for teenagers can be challenging for the adults in charge. Coming up with entertaining ideas for party games may seem daunting. However, with a little bit of ingenuity, a teen party can turn into a smashing success.We have included some favorite Halloween teen party games below.

1. Scary Photo Booth (for Both Young and Adult)

Halloween Photobooth

Halloween Photobooth

While not a game per se, photo booths are always a lot of fun. Set up a themed Halloween photo booth—think moody lighting, spider webs, and creepy props—and have your guests come and pose in their costumes. You can use a polaroid camera so guests have an instant memento they can take home to remember the best Halloween party ever (because you wouldn’t throw a bash that isn’t totally awesome, right?).

2. Pumpkin Toss & Smash

Pumpkin Toss & Smash. Best done outside on a long driveway. Each teen gets three small real pumpkins. A target of three empty trash cans in a triangle is set up. Teens take turns tossing their pumpkins at the target. If pumpkin is smashed without knocking down the cans = 2 points. If the pumpkin isn’t smashed and the cans are not knocked down = 0 points. Cans down and pumpkin smashed = 10 points. Most points win a prize.

3. Balloon Squish

Get a bunch of orange and black extra-large t-shirts or sweatshirts. Blow up a lot of orange and black balloons. Have teens pick teams. Give one team black shirts and one team orange shirts. Have teens put on shirts. Each team member tries to stuff as many balloons as possible without breaking them into their shirts within a short time. The team with the most balloons in their shirts nor popped wins.

4. Make Your Candy Challenge

You need a kitchen. Two double boiler pans. Two large mixing bowls. Two sets of measuring cups. Two sets of measuring spoons. 2 large mixing spoons. 2 large 13 x 9 pans lined with foil. Two five-pound bags of white sugar. Four large bags of chocolate chips. Four cans sweetened condensed milk. 2 large containers of marshmallow fluff. 2 sticks of margarine.

Now pick teams. Give each team one double boiler pan, one mixing bowl, one set of measuring cups and spoons, one mixing spoon, one bag of sugar, two bags of chocolate chips, two cans of sweetened condensed milk, a stick of margarine, and one foil-lined the pan. Working together team members must figure out how to make chocolate fudge from their ingredients. (No looking up recipes online allowed.) The best candy gets the winning team members cool prizes. (Decide who judges the judge before hand.) This is a lot of fun both for the adults to watch and the teens.

5. Mall Scavenger Hunt

Pick teams. Each team selects a team captain. The adult in charge gives the team captain $20. And a list of inexpensive items. A time limit is also given. The teams are driven to the nearest mall. The team who can purchase the most items for $20 wins. All receipts must be saved. The winning team gets to divide all the items both teams bought. Teens love this one, so do adults. The adults get to hang out in the food court, while the teens go off and have fun.

We are getting better with the Adult Halloween Games

6. Horror Movie Trivia

Friday the 13th, the slayer

Friday the 13th, the slayer

Place a stack of cards with horror movie trivia questions on the drinks table at the party, and ask guests to take turns picking a card and answering the question on the card. If they answer correctly, they get to choose a beverage of their choice. If they answer incorrectly, however, they have to take a shot of a mystery drink of your choosing.

7. Murder Mystery

In your party invite, send each guest a character profile and ask them to come prepared to act out that character at the party. When they arrive, set up a murder scene and have the guests question each other to find out who the “murderer” is. A murder mystery is a great icebreaker, particularly for smaller parties where all of the guests don’t know each other.

8. Don’t say the word “Halloween”

When guests arrive, provide each of them with two themed clips (we love spiders) and tell them they’re not allowed to say the word ‘Halloween’ for the duration of the party. If they get caught saying it, they lose a clip. The winner is the last person with remaining clips. This is a lot of fun to play as the night progresses and you’re trying to catch people out.

9. Guess the villain

When your guests arrive at the party, attach the name of a movie villain onto their backs so they can’t see it. They can then ask other guests yes/no questions to try to guess which villain they are, and they can have conversations with other guests to help them figure out theirs. This game is easy to put together, inexpensive, and a great way to get people talking to each other.

For more video of Halloween Games, watch this:

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